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Help & Info about Betternet Free VPN for windows

  • What is Betternet?

    Betternet is a free VPN service that provides users with improved privacy and security. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and it encrypts users’ Internet connections to allow them to browse the web securely. Aside from that, Betternet can also protect users from malicious content online.
  • Is Betternet free?

    Betternet can be downloaded and used for free. The app also has a paid Premium plan. Betternet’s free plan has limited features which can only be accessed by upgrading to Premium. Fortunately, the Premium plan has a 7-day free trial to help users check out Premium features before purchasing it.
  • Is Betternet Premium worth it?

    Although the basic VPN features are available in the free version, Betternet Premium gives users more customization options for faster connections. In addition, Betternet Premium removes all ads from the app, and it also guarantees high-quality support for users. Finally, users can link up to 5 devices to Betternet with Premium.
  • What platforms is Betternet available in?

    Betternet is a multi-platform VPN, and it is available for most devices. For desktop devices, Betternet is supported in Windows and Mac OS. For mobile devices, both iOS and Android support it. It is also available as an extension for Google Chrome, so desktop users not running either Windows or Mac OS can use it as well.
  • Is Betternet safe?

    Betternet does not only hide your IP address behind a proxy, but it also has good data encryption that secures all of your information online. Additionally, Betternet requires no registration upon installation which means it can be used without providing personal information before it can be used. It also does not use any activity logs that can be collected without permission.
  • Is Betternet good for torrent use?

    VPNs provide anonymity when browsing the Internet, and this is especially important when downloading files using torrents since it is P2P file-sharing and your IP address is exposed. As a VPN, Betternet hides users’ information through encryption and a proxy server. This keeps users’ identity and location safe from unwanted viewers.
  • Is Betternet unlimited?

    Betternet provides users with free and unlimited data usage. Unlike other VPN services that restrict users’ data usage to a certain size limit, Betternet allows people to use the service without the worry of hitting a data cap. This unlimited feature is available in every version of Betternet across all platforms. Premium is also not required to get unlimited data usage.
  • Does Betternet have malware protection?

    Betternet provides real-time protection from malicious content online for its users. It has a database with 36 million known threats and is constantly updated. Unlike anti-virus software, Betternet protects users from more web-based attacks. Free users are protected from malware while Premium users are protected from malware, phishing, and spam.
  • Can IP addresses be changed in Betternet?

    Unfortunately, users can not change their IP addresses manually with Betternet. In the Premium plan, users are given more location options to choose from. However, they cannot change the IP address themselves. Betternet automatically selects the best IP address for optimal performance. In the Free plan, users cannot choose their location either.
  • How to install Betternet?

    Installing Betternet only requires following standard installation procedures. Users must download the installer file, execute it, and answer the prompted questions. While no registration is required to use Betternet, users will be asked to try Betternet’s Premium plan for 7-days upon first launching it. To use it, just click on the grey button with the sleeping face.


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